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Ableton Live/WiiMote/Osculator

Playing Ableton Live is fun. Playing it with fire is A LOT OF FUN!
An easy set up, with just a wiimote (less than 40 bucks), OSCulator (a donation software that receive OSC signals and translate them in midi) and a laptop with Ableton Live (but it could be whatever software you like).
OSCulator, automatically receive signals from the wiimote, and you don’t need the sensor bar ( the candles are doing it’s job).
you can map up to 4 candles, or light points each wiimote. (the wiimote is “just” an infrared camera with an axcelerometer)
You can use multiple wiimote at the same time to have more control.

In this clip I’m changing volume and effects parameters, but you can do whatever you want!
Just free your mind and start play with fire!

instruments can be B.A.D.


About Andrea Serrapiglio

Andrea Serrapiglio is an organic cellist / multimedia designer. B.A.D. instruments View all posts by Andrea Serrapiglio


  1. mai suonato con il fuoco? io si! ;)

  2. ;)

  3. Paul Rose

    great stuff. we use the wiimotes as controllers on our concerts with Institut FATIMA a lot, but only the accelerometers and the knobs.

    • BAD

      yes i love it!

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