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THE SHIP-cello solo


On his new album Andrea Serrapiglio is droning and whirling and vibrating the strings to within an inch of their lives……. The music is at once dark and thick but also cracking with blinding madness and heartbreaking beauty. All together the thing leaves you with the sense of having taken a trip only to come home slightly changed.
-Carla Bozulich



Download and fold the cd cover!

10 impro tracks on the cello and lo-fi electronics, will take you on a journey of carefree and melancholy sound layers made with the help of a looping machine.

The situation recreates a live concert,so there was no overdub recorded posthumously. The impro was recorded in one day.

10 brani di improvvisazione al violoncello e elettronica lo-fi, per un viaggio alla scoperta di spensierati e malinconici strati sonori affidati a una looping machine.

La situazione ricrea un concerto in solo, quindi non è stata registrata nessuna sovraincisione postuma.Le improvvisazioni sono state registrate in un’unica giornata.

Stream the album down here

  The Ship-cello solo by Andrea Serrapiglio

B.A.D. instruments #00


About Andrea Serrapiglio

Andrea Serrapiglio is an organic cellist / multimedia designer. B.A.D. instruments View all posts by Andrea Serrapiglio


  1. Thank You!

    • You are welcome! Thanks for the download..I hope you like it.All the best, Andrea

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