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New Videoclip-The Ship

First video for a track of “The Ship”
Shot with an iPad with the Supr8 App then edited with my computer.
Locations are my parents house and Valdapozzo, two houses in the middle of fields..How beautiful!
The two sculptures in the video are in Valdapozzo and they are made by the genius Bruno Carlin. I love his works.
You can see something in his website , but he doesn’t update it very much,unfortunally.
Animals are my lovely cat Pastis at my parents house and the dog Pennac, who lives in Valdapozzo. He is a giant and he likes to eat everything. But he is a baby.. :)


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Andrea Serrapiglio is an organic cellist / multimedia designer. B.A.D. instruments View all posts by Andrea Serrapiglio

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