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VIDEO-il Veleno di Andrea Serrapiglio live @Valdapozzo

Here’s a video of my concert in Valdapozzo,performing “il Veleno”

“il Veleno” is a track by Andrea Serrapiglio with lyrics by Charles Baudelaire (Les Fleurs du mal).

Cello loops and an old drunk voice. The video is a “spectro-video” made by me and rendered in real time.i will write soon a tutorial about this.

Please take a minute to visit the website , it’s a lovely “farmhouse” full of great people, great opportunities and a lot of art going on inside, from sculpture to music to DIY to whatever…it’s awesome! And YOU are always welcome in there.


About Andrea Serrapiglio

Andrea Serrapiglio is an organic cellist / multimedia designer. B.A.D. instruments View all posts by Andrea Serrapiglio

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